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Mid Year Life Review Worksheet

A mid year life review allows us to check-in on our goals and how we are doing in the different areas of our life.

Such as social, physical, emotional and financial. You can do a self check-in using this free worksheet. 

Paper Diary

Hi, I’m Yandini

A wellness and well-being blogger & Youtuber. Passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes my days and your life better.

As a creative individual, I always like to share my ideas, opinions, and talents with others around me. My articles have provided such a wonderful outlet to do exactly that. I believe in staying authentic to myself and my followers. Creating unique and interesting content is my main priority, and I invite you to take a dive into my world.

Keep exploring and I will continue to create contents that will help you lead a happier and fulfilled life. 


Your Happy Journey

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"

- Thomas Jefferson


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